Crowns And Bridges


A dental crown is a prosthesis shaped like a real tooth. It can be placed in many situations… For example: if you have deep caries, your teeth are deformed, your tooth is broken and your tooth is lifeless… or just to change the appearance and color of the teeth. The dental crown strengthens the teeth and protects them from further attack. For this, natural teeth require preparation before wearing crowns. Crowns are made of different materials and can replace one or more teeth.

We customize the treatment for each patient by producing the ideal tooth design (shape, size, shade) suitable for the morphology of the teeth to offer the most natural result.

Care phases (one-time wearing of crowns):
first appointment: panoramic x-ray, diagnosis, preparation of teeth, impression taking, placement of temporary crowns
second appointment: testing of zirconia crowns
final interview: cementation of crowns (final installation)

Types of Crowns

Ceramic to metal crown – this is a crown with a final outer ceramic layer and a metal frame (chrome-cobalt). This metal does not contain nickel, the chromium-cobalt alloy is the most biocompatible of the metals. The metal frame makes the crowns stronger and more durable. The aesthetic outer layer is white ceramic that covers and hides the metal part.

Ceramic-zirconia crown – a crown with a zirconia substructure (oxide, precious materials)
These crowns have great advantages
Zirconia is fully biocompatible and antiallergic
Zirconia crowns are lighter and more translucent
Zircon crowns are more recommended because they are much more aesthetic, much more natural and durable.
Our zirconia crowns are designed and manufactured using a modern technique, CAD/CAM. Computerized crown production (CAD/CAM) offers us meticulous and very precise manufacturing.


Ceramic-zirconia crown – a crown with a zirconia Tooth devitalization is not applied to all teeth before veneer. If necessary, we devitalize the female.(oxide, precious materials)
Crown bridge – “bridge”, which means “bridge” in English, is a dental prosthesis that relies on abutment teeth to replace a missing tooth. The crowns of the bridge are interconnected. A bridge requires at least 3 teeth to be produced to replace the missing middle tooth.