Breast Lift and Reduction

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift and Reduction Surgeries

It is an operation that we perform to make the breasts look fuller and more natural in patients whose breasts are sagging after breastfeeding, pregnancy or weight gain and loss. The main difference between breast lift and breast reduction is that breast size can be enlarged if desired.

Yes, we generally recommend putting very low volume silicone at the same time for patients who want recovery, thus reducing the possibility of sagging breasts again due to age and breastfeeding.

Yes, you can breastfeed. Although there may be a slight decrease in the amount of milk you can give after breast reduction surgery, these two surgeries do not prevent breastfeeding. In both surgeries, the glands and ducts are preserved.

In these surgeries, the main issue that the patients should accept are the scars, these scars will remain in the bra and bikini, but as I mentioned above, they can almost completely disappear or heal redly and noticeably depending on your wound healing capacity and smoking.

Of course, some scar creams, moisturizing creams and cures are recommended. Sometimes we have CO2 laser-like applications to our patients for these scars. But basically, the surgical technique should be chosen correctly and smoking should not be avoided.

What should I pay attention to after the operation?

The operation should be performed under general anesthesia and in a full-fledged hospital. We are hosting you in the hospital for 1 night after the operation. The drains placed the next day are removed and we discharge you with your special protective bra. It is very important that you rest at home for 1 week and take a diet with plenty of protein. After 1 week, we allow you to change your bandages and take a shower. After 2 weeks, routine sports exercises (except weight lifting) can be done.

How much can my breasts be reduced?

The most frequently asked question by patients who apply for breast reduction surgery is that these patients want their chest to be reduced too much because they are tired of their chest weight. Two factors are important in this regard; First of all, newly made breasts should be compatible with your shoulder width and body structure. Secondly, we need to reduce the size of the nipples and suture lines so as not to disturb the circulation.

Are there any scars in these surgeries?

Yes, there is a scar pattern we call inverted t, this scar heals as a very faint white scar in some patients depending on the wound healing capacity of the patients. However, in patients with impaired wound healing and smoking, it may heal more prominently and reddened. Therefore, we strongly recommend patients not to smoke for at least 3 weeks before surgery and for at least 2 weeks after surgery.