Ear Aesthetics

What is ear aesthetics?

Ears whose primary function is hearing may develop in unusual ways. This makes people unhappy. The most common deformation of the outer ear is the forward bending of the ears and this is called the protruding ear. There are many congenital or acquired deformities of the ear that require aesthetic ear surgery. Complete or partial loss of ear from birth, extra cartilage protrusions around the ear, a folded ear like crumpled paper, pointed ears like Captain Spark (Stahl ear), or partial or total loss of the ear as a result of an accident. ear deformity in which the ears are very protruding.

Will there be any scars after plastic surgery?

Scars will not be visible. As time passes, these traces will become clearer.

Does ear surgery affect the eardrum or hearing?

Since aesthetic ear aesthetics is a procedure performed on the outer ear, it does not affect the eardrum or hearing. It does not damage the inner structure of the ear. After the swelling that may occur in the ear after the procedure has subsided, the ears regain their natural appearance. This should take up to 10 days.

When are the stitches removed?

We use dissolving sutures in the surgery. Stitches begin to dissolve after 1 week and completely disappear after about 3 weeks.

When can I take a bath after surgery?

You can take a bath 1 week after the operation. The first baths should be of short duration.