Fat Injection

Magic wand; Fat Injection

It can be applied to any part of the body that we have agreed with you and think there is a lack of volume.

The most frequently asked question is the persistence of the oil extracted and purified with the right technique is between 50-70% in non-smoker patients, this rate drops to 10-20% in smokers.

It is applied on the forehead, cheeks and cheekbones, under the eyes, on the jaw line, on the breasts, on the hips, on the buttocks.

We recommend hyaluronic acid filler only to the lips, fat injection is a more reliable, more permanent and less costly method for all remaining parts of the face and body. Since oil filling is a liquid with slightly less fluid and thick particles, it is a method where we can achieve size increase rather than shaping the lips, so we do not recommend oil injection for lips.

What is oil injection? Is it different from normal filling?

Fat injection is the injection of fat into some parts of the body, after being centrifuged and filtered, with the help of syringes and special cannulas from a part of your body where fat is stored. Hyaluronic acid is used in normal fillings, in this process, an injection is made from your body, which is not harmful to you and has a higher permanence.

How is the procedure done and what should I pay attention to afterwards?

The procedure should be performed in a full-fledged hospital under local or general anesthesia depending on the patient and the amount of fat to be removed. We usually discharge our patients on the same day after the procedure. 2-3 days of rest is recommended, depending on the type of anesthesia. You should not smoke for 1-1.5 months in the postoperative period.

Does this process need to be repeated?

In general, about 50% of the injected fat melts in non-smoker patients. For this reason, 2 Sessions of this procedure are performed in patients who want it, and the volume of retaining fat is increased to 80-90%. The second session can usually be done after 3-6 months.